One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the year-end best of music lists that come out. Lately however I've been listening to weird soundcloud pretty hard and all the normy year-end lists just aren't cutting it for me. Why would I wanna listen to crappy indie rock act #2348 when I could listen to an endless barrage of Kanye West samples and Macklemore memes? Sounds perfect right? I know it's just what you wanted to hear, so here's my favorite tracks from the world of #SOUNDCLOWN.

So all the "Weird Soundcloud" musicians are like nerdy teens from what I can tell because they all think they're funny and are self-effacing and it's like, you guys are retarded, you're not funny you're actually just really good at mashups that sound good and are the only thing I wanna listen to so settle down and don't upload 30 second songs that sound like the intro to the greatest songs of all time any more or I'll die, no exaggeration.

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